The Northwest’s premier a cappella competition




Congratulations to the Mixolydians for taking First Place
Choralaires: Second Place
Rhythmix; West Albany: Third Place

All three of these schools will be participating in the semi-finals March 28th at the Elsinore Theater. The winner will head to New York City to participate in the finals.

Outstanding Soloist: Rachel Doyel of Mixolydians for “Tears”
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: Gavin Fleming of Mixolydians for the entire set
Outstanding Arrangement: Sylvia Harrington of Rhythmix for “Gravity”
Outstanding Choreography: Mixolydians for the entire set



Congratulations to OCHS Sound Check who won 1st place at the Bend A Cappella Festival two years in a row. The Bend A Cappella Festival was held from February 20-22, 2020.


First Place
Something Blue – McNary High School – 353 points

Second Place
Rhythmix – West Albany High School – 343 points

Third Place
Sound Check – Oregon City High School – 340 points

Specialty Awards

  • Best Vocalist: Veronica Reyes, McNary, Something Blue
  • Best Vocal Percussionist: Christopher Vega DeLeon, South Albany, Ascend
  • Best Choreography: McNary, Something Blue
  • Best Ensemble Sound: South Albany, Ascend
  • Best Arrangement: Liberty High School, Falcon Phenomenon

Prior Winners

  • 2019 McNary High School: Something Blue
  • 2018 Lincoln High School: Vivace
  • 2017 Lincoln High School: Vivace
  • 2016 Sherwood High School: Mixolydians
  • 2015 Sherwood High School: Mixolydians
  • 2014 Wilsonville High School: Soul’d Out
  • 2013 Wilsonville High School: Soul’d Out
  • 2012 Wilsonville High School: Soul’d Out
  • 2011 Wilsonville High School: Soul’d Out

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