The Northwest’s premier a cappella competition


There will be three judges to evaluate each group’s performance individually. Cash Awards will be presented to the top three place finishers.



Paige Johnson is a long-time a cappella enthusiast who is thrilled to be coming back for the third time as a judge for the Rose City Sing-Off. Believe it or not, Paige was a competitor on the Rose City Sing-Off stage almost ten years ago! Since then, Paige has always found herself surrounded by a cappella. She was President of Tandem A Cappella at Willamette University and then went on to join Portland State University’s The Green Note, where she competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. Paige has traveled all around the country performing in a variety of premiere vocal ensembles, from a cappella to chamber music and everything in between. Paige is a classically trained, award-winning pop and jazz vocalist who is especially passionate about contemporary a cappella that pushes boundaries and boasts creativity. She cannot wait to hear what the competitors have prepared this year!

Paige Johnson

Harmonie Nyounai-Herrera

Harmonie Nyounai-Herrera is a singer, songwriter, and dancer from Portland, Oregon. His work as a contemporary a cappella music director, choreographer, and vocalist has been awarded internationally. Harmonie earned a Bachelor of Arts with a Music Performance Minor from Portland State University. With over 20 years of experience, Harmonie is a passionate leader in community engagement among a cappella enthusiasts. Serving as a judge and clinician for Portland Rose Festival’s Rose City Sing-Off, he is dedicated to securing a safe space and lifelong love of performing arts, while acting as the RCSO Music Director.

Daniel Nyounai-Herrera


Brooke Rencher is a Portland State alum with over 20 years of vocal and instrumental performance experience. She was a member of PSU’s The Green Note from 2015-2018, directing the group in 2017-2018, and directed and arranged for the Central Catholic High School Ramophones in 2019-2020. This is her fifth year of involvement with the RCSO, and is so excited to be judging!

Brooke Rencher

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