The Northwest’s premier a cappella competition

About Us

The Rose City Sing-Off is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing a premier forum for High School a cappella programs in the Pacific Northwest.

This event is meant to provide education and entertainment to our all of our participants and families. I would like to thank all the hard working committee members that have helped to program this year’s Rose City Sing-Off!

– Peter Mack
– Don Anderson


The Rose City Sing-Off is a non-profit that serves High Schools promoting the arts, education and volunteerism.

Our team

Don Anderson
Music Director, Conchords

Lori Biddlecome
Team Lead, Occuscreen

Jeremy Emerson
Partner/Creative Director, Saffire

Daniel Nyounai-Herrera
The Green Note

Peter Mack
Chief Executive Officer, Occuscreen

Brooke Rencher
RCSO Music Director

Cheryl Zander
Vaya Creative LLC

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