The Northwest’s premier a cappella competition

About Us

The Rose City Sing-Off is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing a premier forum for High School a cappella programs in the Pacific Northwest.

This event is meant to provide education and entertainment to our all of our participants and families. We would like to thank all the hard working committee members that have helped to program this year’s Rose City Sing-Off!

Peter Mack
Executive Director, Rose City Sing-Off

Don Anderson
Music Director, Conchords


The Rose City Sing-Off is a non-profit that serves High Schools promoting the arts, education and volunteerism.

Our team

Don Anderson
Music Director, Conchords

Peter Mack
Chief Executive Officer, Occuscreen

Harmonie Daniel Nyounai-Herrera
Music Director

Brooke Rencher
RCSO Judge

Cheryl Zander
Supporter of the RCSO

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